Sheet Metal Folding

Our factory houses a range of precision CNC sheet metal folding machines. In keeping with the shearing and punching capacities, our largest Baykal press brakes are capable of bending 3m lengths of various materials & thicknesses.

Our Baykal press brakes have a bending force of 120tons each. Furthermore, one of these units also has a mechanical lifting platform. This assists our operators when working with large or heavy components. This platform performs the operation of lifting the sheet during the bend, taking significant strain away from the operator.

Each press brake has its own speciality within the factory but, due to the range of machines and tooling, we are able to be flexible with our approach, therefore offering quick turnaround when needed. Please contact us regarding our sheet bending requirements

See our equipment page for details.


Precision Sheet Metal Folding
Precision Sheet Metal Folding Machine