MIG, TIG & Spot Welding Services

We are able to offer MIG, TIG, spot welding and stud welding services as standard. As a result our welding services cater for mild steel, zintec, stainless steel and some aluminium products. In addition and to complete the process we will clean off, dress and prepare the products subject to the required material finish.

For stainless steel items, post-weld discolouration is removed in a safe and economical way using our electrochemical weld cleaning machine. This gives a neat aesthetically pleasing finish as a result. Furthermore this process is key for re-establishing the natural corrosion protection, since this is damaged during the welding process.

Welding can be a great alternative for when mechanical fixings such as nuts and bolts are not acceptable or suitable for the application.

Our team would be pleased to discuss your welding needs, questions or queries relating to your products or ideas.

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Tig welding

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