CAD/CAM Sheet Metal Punching

CAD/CAM sheet metal punching is carried out by our Weidemann turret press. This machine is able to complete extremely complex designs and patterns in a variety of materials. We can punch up to 5mm steel thickness, while catering for sheet sizes up to 1500mm wide by 3000mm long.

The turret press is controlled by powerful computer CAD/CAM software that allows maximum flexibility and efficiency at speed.

We hold in stock an extensive range of standard and specialised tooling. As a result this often means there will be no tooling costs associated with your parts production. In addition, custom tooling can be made to make your product stand out from the crowd.

There are, of course, some occasions where standard tooling is not suitable and where custom tooling may not be a sensible option. In this instance we can work closely with our approved and trusted laser cutting company to achieve the desired results.

See our equipment page for details.

Precision CAD/CAM sheet metal punching machine
Turrett press tooling 1
Aluminium brackets
Turrett Press Setup
Punched aluminium trims