Secure computer holders

Computer holders, desktop PC security cages/enclosures, CPU tower hangers

Here at A&R Engineering we have a wide range of horizontal and vertically mounted secure computer holders. Also desktop PC security cages/enclosures and CPU tower hangers. These are available to purchase from our online shop.

The under desk CPU holders or computer hangers are, first and foremost, security devices for PC’s or laptops. In addition,┬áthe PC security cages help keep desktops and laptops off the floor. We offer a part enclosed or complete enclosed unit with our new PCS range.

Vertical CPU holder security cages, desktop hanger mounting brackets, lockers and enclosures are suitable for tower style PCs. While horizontal versions are suitable for more compact desktop PCs.

If you don’t see what you are after then please give us call or email with your requirements. For bigger quantities we can customize or modify our products so you can get exactly the items you require.

Our standard range products also include game console brackets, key drop-off boxes, drug/needle disposal units, amnesty bins, and magazine racks.

See our standard product range here.