Wall mounted A4 document drop off cabinet

Anti vandal through the wall, A4 File document drop off cabinet and collection box

Councils, solicitors and local authority organisation use our document drop off cabinets, especially relevant anywhere vandalism and tampering could be a problem.

We manufacture our wall mounted document drop cabinets to the highest standards in our UK factory. As a result, they are a safe and robust solution anywhere a secure document drop off is needed.

The DDO1 through-the-wall document drop off cabinet is suitable for A4 documents and files, providing a 24 hour document drop off facility where required.

Manufactured from 2.0mm mild steel the DDO1 has a welded construction with an industrial white powder coat finish.

The DDO1 fits wall thicknesses between 100mm and 305mm. To install, a section of brickwork 450mm x 555mm is cut from the wall. While the faceplate, main body and internal locker are join together as one using coach bolts.

An integrated flap allows you to enter your A4 document file into the cabinet. Once the flap has closed the file will automatically drop into the cabinet. Finally, the flap stops any access to your deposited documents.

The small non return flap, secure wall fixings, and internal safety mechanisms of the DDO1 are engineered to deter any unwanted tampering.

The DD01 is available from our web shop here.