Needle exchange cabinets sharps disposal boxes

Safe Floor Mounted Needle Exchange Cabinets, Sharps Disposal Boxes

The needle exchange cabinets are designed in association with Health Enterprise East, Part of the N.H.S. They reduce the risk of blood borne infections, while providing a secure depository for needles, syringes, razors, stitch cutters, scalpel blades, trocars, cannulas and used ampoules.

The risk injuries caused by sharps contaminated with blood or other body fluids is well known, because they may transmit blood-borne infections. Our syringe exchange or sharps disposal cabinets reduce this risk due to the design.

The North East Essex Drug & Alcohol Service (NEEDAS) field tested our cabinets vigorously for over four years . Now, customers can buy them exclusively from A & R Engineering Ltd. The sharps disposal boxes are secure, safe, strong and easy to use. Furthermore, they are fitted with our unique swing action cabinet loading device.

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