Stainless Steel Cabinets & Enclosures

Custom stainless steel cabinets & enclosures, outdoor cabinets and fabrications

We manufacture custom made, fully welded stainless steel cabinets and enclosures from a range of grades of stainless steel. Our design engineers use Solid Works design software. This allows us to manufacture to many specifications. Given a customer idea, we produce working drawings, which are emailed for approval. The CAD team will make any changes at this stage, before manufacture.

An alternative to standard fabrication – an untreated welding process.

In this process the weld made is a standard TIG weld but with no grinding or clean off. This new process is an alternative to the standard weld clean and rebrush and, as such, is ideal where the weld finish is not as aesthetically important. As a result, the cost of the product can be reduced. Ask A & R Engineering for more details.

The examples below illustrate our custom made stainless steel fabrications, including cabinets and enclosures manufactured by us. If you have an enquiry please call us or see our Process information here.