Studs, Bushes & Inserts for Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal insert guns
Stud welding

We are able offer an extensive range of threaded studs, bushes & inserts for Metal Fabrication. These are available in different shapes, sizes, lengths and materials. These include nuts, standoffs, pins and fasteners to suit most project requirements.

Out team can fit a wide range of insert types, such as self clinch, welded, stud weld and rivet nuts. In addition, we offer cage nuts and rivets as well as plastic standard and bespoke inserts, couplers and joiners. Rivet nuts are especially relevant for use in box section parts where a thread is needed which is discreet and easy to install.

Inserts are available in a range of materials including: self finish, BZP, copper coated, anodized, galvanized and stainless steel. Furthermore, in some instances we may be able to supply parts in other materials subject to availability.

Inserts can be used for hundreds of applications, not limited to but including: mounting of back plates, fixings for brackets, location markers, earth points, connectors, frames, PCB mounts, lid fixings, component standoffs and endless other possibilities. Finally, for each insert we can also supply the relevant opposite fixing for example a clinch stud within a box can be supplied with a corresponding nut if required.

You can visit our design page for more details of our design process.

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Fitting Threaded Inserts