Presswork, metal pressings & metal stampings

General presswork, metal pressings & metal stampings

The production team manufacture all presswork, metal stampings and metal pressings on site. Presswork is commonly referred to as metal forming. Pressing up to 150 tonnes, the power presses processes a range of materials. Consequently, most grades of mild steel, copper, aluminium and stainless steel can be used. Details of the processing available are on our equipment page.

Light metal stampings

Because we manufacture press tools in house we can monitor the quality of tooling production. High quality components are made using this tooling from mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The grades range from 0.3mm aluminium up to 6mm mild steel.

Heavy presswork

The heavy presswork section of A & R operates power presses up to 150 tonnes, pressing materials up to 6mm thick. Furthermore, pressings are finished in a range of finishes after manufacture, including galvanising.

Working closely with our production team will help you to understand any issues along the way, helping the progress as a result.

Finally, please call us with your specification, so we can provide a quote.