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British made smoking bin.

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UK made, wall fixed cigarette bins.

Wall mounted cigarette bins, UK made wall mounted
ashtrays and cigarette end bins.


Wall mounted cigarette bins offered, supplied painted to suit all requirements.

Wall fixed cigarette bins. Prices from 37.50p.

The wall fixed cigarette bins or outdoor ashtrays are made for the disposal of cigarette butts, ash, etc. Due to the smoking ban that came into force in England on 1st July 2007, all UK business premises etc., have to be smoke free, meaning all smokers, staff, customers, visitors etc., are not allowed to smoke in enclosed areas of the premises. Therefore, outside cigarette bins are required to be provided in designated outdoor smoking area's.

  wall mounted cigarette bin  



37.50p is economically entry level price for the wall mounted cigarette bins. Manufactured from 0.8mm zintec steel with an industrial strength powder coat paint finish. The outside back panel of the outside ashtray and the internal ashtray are manufactured from 0.8mm galvanised steel.


Overall dimensions of the CBP1, and CBS1 cigarette bins are:

308mm high (12") x 200mm wide(8")
x 100mm deep(4").

Weight: 2kg.

See prices below.

Open wall mounted cigarette ash bin All the cigarette wall mounted ashtray bins come supplied with a full set of fixings and the lock comes supplied with two keys.

Both models of the cigarette bins come with a galvanised internal tray for easy emptying.

The lock fixes on the top of the outdoor ashtray for easy opening. The door of the outside ashtray swings down well out of the way for easy access into the galvanise internal tray.


The removable ash bin
The smoking bins internal galvanised tray fitted in position. The internal galvanised tray of the just lifts out as shown above.

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Product codes and price's for both wall fixed outside ash bin products:

Painted cigarette waste bins.

Product code CBP1.

PRICE 37.50p + VAT and delivery.

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To purchase these cigarette end bins, either contact us as shown below, or buy this item from the online shop.

Please note, all deliveries will be offloaded at the kerb side.

Contact us at:

A & R Engineering Ltd.,
Valleybridge Road,
Essex. CO15 4AD. UK.

Tel: 01255 434261.
Fax: 01255 427743.

Email: sales@arengineering.co.uk

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