Sheet Metal Product Design & Development

Sheet metal product design & development projects – We work closely with our clients to understand their exact needs. We will discuss any project and look to come up with the most suitable solutions. We are happy to comment on ideas, offer realistic solutions and, in addition, match or adapt existing samples.

sheet metal product design - Solidworks rendered drawing
Solidworks rendered drawing - cuts down on prototyping costs in many cases

Our designers use Solidworks drawing software because it allows us to generate in real scale detail in a virtual 3D world.

One of the biggest advantages of using Solidworks is that it is often no longer necessary to produce prototypes and/or pre-production models. On smaller projects this can save considerable time and money. Of course, where prototypes are required they can be manufactured very quickly as a result. In all cases we can provide drawings for approval, either in traditional 2D or edrawings format for viewing prior to manufacture.

Sheet metal design using Solidworks
Engineer designing sheet metal products using Solidworks