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United Kingdom fabrication, sheet metal fabrications work.
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Custom stainless steel enclosures, outdoor cabinets and fabrications manufacturers from the UK.

Below, examples of custom made stainless steel fabrications, cabinets and enclosures all manufactured at A & R Engineering Ltd from the UK. Alternatively you can view the following webpages:
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IP rated grade 304 outdoor cabinets made A & R.

Customised stainless steel enclosures manufacturers.

IP rated stainless steel enclosures.

The above two photo's are of an IP rated grade 304 plinth mounted outdoor cabinet.

Chute assembly. Non ferrous assembly work.

Stainless steel sheet metal fabrication.
Non ferrous fabricated assembly.
3 views of a brush finish custom made fabricated hinged flap and chute assembly. The chute dimensions are 408mm x 130mm and is designed for outdoor use.
Floor cabinet. Grade 304 floor cabinet.
The above grade 304 cupboards called for a brushed outer finish with a standard mill finish inside. This double door, two position, lockable floor mounted cabinet has ventilation slots built into the base.
Non ferrous cabinets.
Stainless steel fabrication, Perspex ip rated grade 304 cabinets used in the oil and gas industry.


Non ferrous IP rated stainless cabinet.
View inside a custom made Perspex, IP rated grade 304 wall cabinet made at A & R Engineering Ltd.
Slim welded enclosures.Poster enclosure. Grade 304 enclosure. Backless cabinet.
Slim line grade 316 brush finish poster enclosure. Bespoke grade 304 cabinet with no back.

Made to specifications supplied by customers, the above photo's show two ranges of grade 304 wall mounted enclosures. Both fabrications had to be of a fully welded construction. The cabinet with no back, had to be strong and secure at the front.

Grade 316 enclosure. Grade 304 roof gutter product.
Large batch grade 304 CAD/CAM production work.
These stainless steel fabrications are outdoor roofing parts produced at the company.
Left, One of a range of large floor mounted stainless steel cabinets, grade 316.
This is one of a small range of custom made fully welded cabinets. Manufactured at A&R, this grade 316  fabricated cabinet was originally created using solid works design software. With this design package, the company can manufacture too many different specifications. So from a customer idea, A & R produce working drawings which can be emailed for approval.
Offshore oil and gas industry stainless steel cabinets. Oil and gas industry non ferrous grade 316 cabinet for offshore use.

Above. Custom made, grade 316 outdoor cabinet, manufactured for the offshore oil and gas industry.


An alternative to standard fabrication, an untreated welding process.

 Below shows an example of a brushed stainless steel cabinet with a difference........

The difference being that the weld is a standard TIG weld but with no grinding or clean off. This new process is an alternative to the standard weld clean and rebrush in as much that where the weld finish is not as aesthetically important and or where lowering the cost of the product is a major consideration.

Just ask A & R Engineering for more details.
Non ferrous cabinets. Non ferrous cabinets.
Brushed non ferrous cabinet, welded, but not cleaned or rebrushed. Close up of welded seam of the same cabinet.
Grade 304 computer holder.   Under desk grade 304 computer holder.   Cigarette bin.
Above, a grade 304 under desk computer holder. Click here for standard computer holders.   Above. Cigarette bin once made at A&R.

Below, other departments including powder coat painted sheet metal enclosures.

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