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Sheet metal components for Britain.

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 UK Sheet Metal Components Manufacturers & Fabricated Products.

Sheet Metal Manufacturing Work and Engineering.
Sub contract sheet metal components manufacturers, production and assembly services from the UK.
This page shows examples of sub-contract sheet metal components and fabricated products produced at A & R Engineering.
However obscure!
Sheet metal Components Left, General selection of outsourced subcontract sheet metal components produced at A&R using cad cam manufacture cnc bending dedicated press tooling etc. Completed office internals waiting for dispatch
Right, Office Equipment Internals ready for dispatch.
The company has the manufacturing and production capability to manufacture components and fabricated products from the following materials: Mild Steel, i.e. CR1 to CR4. Zintec coated steel. Galvanised Steel. Stainless Steel, in various grades and finishes. Aluminium, various grades and finishes including pre-anodised finishes (see the louvres section). Copper and Brass.
Industrial work cabinets. A & R Engineering Ltd are often requested to provide an outsourcing design and production service for enclosures and cabinets. Below are two examples. slim stainless enclosures.
Left. An interesting outsourced project this one. This is one of a range of industrial work cabinets used for transporting diamonds around a factory area! The specification called for a mobile cabinet complete with shelves and aluminium pull out trays.
Right. The customer called for a range of outsourced wall mounted slim line stainless steel document enclosures with a perspex front and IP rated.
Below, a video showing a steel enclosure product undergoing a violent testing procedure.

A & R take pride in making sure its sheet metal products are fit for purpose. This industrial strength enclosure is designed to be installed in public areas where vandalism is a problem. The video below shows a test with the cabinet under a sustained attack using a variety of workshop tooling. I think the reader will agree, this unique needle disposal cabinet is seriously heavy duty and will stop a most determined vandal! Click here or on the image below, to see the test being carried out.


Needle disposal cabinet under test.
Stainless Steel Special Rooffing parts

Right, This roller is use in conjunction with the stainless roofing products opposite and is used to roll hot bitumen to seal roof joints. Roof roller  
Above, Large batch production. These stainless steel roofing parts are produced on one of the companies cad cam turret presses.
Please click here or on the turret press icon right to view a video showing one of these parts being punched out from stainless steel. Cad cam turret press opperation.


Below, one of a range fabricated products manufactured by A & R. In this case, these are Jeep Wrangler off road rock sliders. They were designed with the aid of the solid works design package and are manufactured by computer aided punching and bending and after fabrication they have been powder coat painted and finished with aluminium checker plate.
Jeep fabricated products.Sheet metal products.
Sheet metal products. Louvred air panels or floor panels manufactured on A & R Eng. Ltd's own production lines.  

Jeep Wrangler rock slider fabrications.

Above, Galvanised louvered floor panels for agricultural grain drying or coffee beans etc. These panels are capable of bearing an axle load weight of 5 tonnes. They are produced in large batch quantities on a sub-contract fabrication basis on company's own production lines.  
Fabricated component products.

To buy the fabricated TJ  Jeep "K2" rock sliders, click on the button to buy from the A&R Engineering online shop.   Click here to buy.



Bespoke sheet metal manufacturing.   Bespoke technical design and production work.
Above. Bespoke sheet metal components punched, bent and in the case of the above right components, bushed and stud welded before the tig welding process, all manufactured at
A & R Engineering Ltd.
Aluminium Extrusion component

Working with Aluminium Extrusions, now a speciality at A & R.

Right, More steel fabricated products. These are Office Equipment Internals, manufactured by either dedicated press tooling or by conventional cad cam punching and cam bending etc.
More precision manufactured component parts
Outsourcing for the goverment. A mild steel Book cover for the new home office building  Left and Right. Book cover made in mild steel.
These photo's show an interesting project the company were commissioned to be involved with. It entailed, design, prototyping and production using our CAD/CAM manufacturing facilities to produce what  we think is a unique special book cover. The component parts were made from mild steel and coated with a silver colour powder coat paint.
Above. This project was for the H.M. Home Office building in London.
Stainless steel_computer bracket. Two views of a stainless steel under desk computer holder. This is the basic UDH4 computer holder, (click here to view that product range) without the security component. Stainless steel computer holder bracket.
Two more sheet metal products below.Two small steel manufactured occasional tables3mm mild steel table.

Left and right, design projects.

 Always interested in looking at new fabricated products for our customers, here is a sub contract R & D project the company manufactured.

These occasional table fabrications are made from mild steel and powder coat painted with a gloss white colour.


Introducing the five tier wall mounted magazine rack.
5 tier wall mounted magazine rack.

Designed and manufactured at A & R and sold in the online shop.

Holds and displays magazines, newspapers, leaflets, booklets etc.

The magazine rack is manufactured from 1.2mm thick mild steel and comes painted in a tough powder coat finish which ensures that they are able to withstand the knocks and bumps associated with the day to day use of any busy environment.

This wall mounted rack is available in a range of colours including black, white, red, blue and grey. Special and custom colours are also available to order. We can also manufacture fewer or additional tiers to suit your needs.

Dimensions: 250mm wide, 392mm high x 80mm deep from the wall.

All units are supplied boxed. Wall fixing screws and plugs are also included.

Product code MWR5

Price £32.00p + VAT and delivery.

Buy it.

5 tier wall mounted leaflet rack.
Click below for more component work and manufactured items, using cad cam punching and c.n.c. bending, m.i.g. and tig welding to produce enclosures, cabinets, brackets and any custom made manufacture required etc. See also sub contract presswork and pressings, tooling, engineering design and prototyping.

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