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UK metal ipad charging trolley for netbooks and electronic accessaries.

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Netbook trolleys, kindle and iPad carts, UK made, dealers welcome.

Security netbook cabinets,  iPad trolleys, kindles storage, charging carts.

Secure metal compact netbook cabinets and ipad trolleys, supplied to schools, colleges, financial institutions, and industry offering the ideal mobile storage and security solutions.


Unfortunately this is a discontinued product line.



The short video is for the standard laptop charging cabinet, but the compact net book security trolley work the same way.

The compact mobile netbook cabinet is manufactured in the UK to a high build quality. i.e. These secure blackberry  netbook trolleys are manufactured to a  fully welded construction, which not only makes the cabinets sturdy, but also aids netbook security.

 All these portable compact netbook carts, are fitted with two mains plug bank charging facilities and can charge up to 20 kindles, ipads etc..

ipad and netbook charging cabinets.

 Netbook trolley and iPad security cabinet.




Internal dimensions for the netbook / ipad charging carts.

The LCC20 compact netbook security trolley internal shelf dimensions are:

49cm wide x 50cm deep x 8cm high.

For all other dimensions of the electronic accessories storage cabinet, see below. The shelves shown above are removable, thus the user is able to safely store PC's and or server computers.




RCD Plug fitted as standard to all iPad and netbook charging carts

RCD Plug.

2 metre mains power cable complete with an inline RCD Plug supplied as standard.




laptop security charging, Ipad and netbook trolley HSE safety alert.


Following new Health and Safety Executive guidelines, the 2011 LCC20 netbook trolley has been tested in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC in accordance with BS EN 60335-1 Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 1: General requirements. As such all units are fully CE compliant.


For more information about the HSE ipad or netbook trolley safety alert, please click here.


Net book and IPad Securtiy Storage Computer Charging Cabinet.

20 Station blackberry / kindle storage cart.


Electrical Specification and features for the netbook charging cart and ipad trolley.

*The netbook trolley are designed to be suitable for any make of net book, ipad etc and all shelves are removable so even some Desktop PC's will fit!

*The net book, nintendo or kindles etc., own charging unit fits inside the 20 point compact charging trolley.

*Power to the netbook cabinets is via a 2 metre mains power cable with an inline RCD plug (see above) which can be stored safely inside the laptop security trolley when not in use.

*Recessed plug banks for easier loading of netbooks into the cabinet.

*The netbook trolley is air vented throughout.

*All netbook charging trolleys are fully CE compliant.




The net book and ipad trolleys are available for schools colleges and industry, dealers also welcome.




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Netbook carts door lock mechanism.

Above. Detail of the top and bottom door lock mechanism fitted to the netbook trolley.

  Netbook carts construction features.

*Fully welded construction to meet the tough demands of day to day working environment. This also makes the netbook charging trolley more secure.

*Highly secure two position door locking mechanism, see photo far left.

*Tough internally mounted hinges to stop tampering fitted to every iPad trolley.

*Heavy duty steerable swivel casters. 2 off with foot brakes for maximum stability are fitted to the netbook security cart.

*The netbook trolley has removable shelves for maximum storage versatility.

*Tough industrial two tone powder coat paint finish in blue and grey. Other colours available to all charger carts at extra cost.

*Two off heavy duty push pull handles are fitted to iPad storage and security charging cabinet, complete with a matching streamlined chrome lock.


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Computer tower.

cpu protection

cpu protection

Dimensions, weights, prices and product codes for the mobile compact netbook charging cabinet.

netbook, Ipad and kindle security charging cabinet.

20 bay compact netbook security charging cabinet.

Product code LCC20 Compact

Price 795.00p +  VAT and delivery.

Click here to buy.

Please note, all deliveries will be offloaded at the kerb side.


20 Station netbook charging & storage trolley.  Part No. (LCC20 compact)


Weighs 79KG.   71cm wide including 2 off push/pull handles. 109cm overall height and 55cm overall depth.


Braked caster for secure notebook cartsand the Ipad trolleys.


The front wheels of the mobile netbook storage trolley are fitted with braked casters as standard.


*Optional extras for the netbook charging cabinet.*

A docking station (wall, or floor fixing bracket) can be supplied for the netbook charging cabinet, for extra security.

The compact storage cabinets can be supplied with or without a charging facility.

We can add an opening for a  wireless access point to enable 802.11G communication to your computers, plus any other slots or apertures for special cable entry points etc.

Wheels are not obligatory, the notebook storage cabinet shown above right, has been supplied to a major high street bank.

To aid ventilation we can also supply the Ipad trolleys /  netbook cabinet with floor mounting feet, which if required, can be fixed to the floor.

If your security netbook charging cabinets require other options, or the charging carts have additional requirements, please just ask.

Please note, A&R Engineering Ltd are the manufacturers of these compact charging carts and will do our best to find solutions, if you have custom made requirements. (All prices on application).

Docking station for secure Ipad storage carts.


Floor bracket for netbook and Ipad cabinet

  Netbook and Ipad Charging cabinet padlocked to floor bracket.

Above, shows one of the docking station fixing rings. This optional extra is used to secure the mobile netbook security cabinets to the wall or floor mounting bracket.


All sizes of net book or mobile phone charging cabinets back into a floor fixing bracket, or docking station, as shown above. This netbook cabinet has not been padlocked in place yet..


The compact netbook security computer charging cart backed into the wall, or floor fixing bracket and secured with padlocks.

Above, three photo's of the security docking station device, for the mobile compact iPad netbook carts or kindle charging cabinets.


Please note, the company is always striving to improve the ipad trolleys / blackberry security carts, therefore components may vary from the photo's.

A & R Engineering Ltd., Valleybridge Road, Clacton-on-sea, Essex. CO15 4AD. UK.

Fax: 01255 427743 Email: Tel: 01255 434261

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Metal netbook cabinet UK made. IPad and Netbook carts manufacturer.

To purchase the iPad trolleys either: Contact us @

A & R Engineering Ltd., Valleybridge Road, Clacton-on-sea, Essex.
CO15 4AD. UK. Tel: 01255 434261  Fax: 01255 427743
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Metal ipad, netbook and kindle charging carts UK made.

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