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Metal laptop trolleys for Britain.
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Wall mounted Laptop Cabinets, mobile Laptop Trolleys, secure notebook charging trolleys.

Secure metal laptop cabinets, laptop carts, supplied to schools, colleges, financial institutions, and industry offering ideal mobile security solutions. A&R,  laptop storage trolley manufacturers.




LCC Laptop security and charging cabinet range. Lockable wall mounted laptop storage cabinets.
Notebook security cabinet Wall fixed laptop cabinets.
Product codes LCC10, charging trolley.

Unfortunately this is a discontinued product line.
  Product code WMLS2

Click to download the WMLS2 wall fixed laptop cabinet workstation leaflet.


The trolleys hold 17" laptop computers with ease.

All ranges of secure laptop cabinets have been designed and built in the UK by A & R Engineering to the highest quality standards of manufacture and benefit from tough industrial construction methods.


Below, the LCC range of secure laptop charging cabinets.

For more information please play the LCC laptop charging trolleys video.

Three sizes of of secure notebook cabinet available used in education. The 10 bay laptop charger cabinet, the 16 bay laptop carts and the largest notebook cabinet holds 20.

laptop trolleys.

10 bay mobile notebook charging security cabinet.

Product code LCC10.

Unfortunately this is a discontinued product line.





Below. View  inside the mobile laptop cart, showing the sturdy anti tampering concealed hinges.

Inside notebook cabinet


Unique LCC notebook security charging carts construction features.

The notebooks own charging unit fits next to the laptop computer being recharged.

Recessed plug banks for easier loading of computers into the laptop cabinet.

These notebook storage carts can be supplied with or without a charging facility.

Two heavy duty handles fitted on all sizes of laptop storage cabinet, complete with a matching streamlined chrome lock.

RCD Pre Reset. RCD_Post_Reset.

RCD Reset plugs, standard on both LCC and SLC notebook trolley ranges.

The following features are standard to laptop charging trolleys only.

All laptop trolleys are designed to be suitable for any make of notebook.

 Laptop computers sit flat in the cabinet, offering better protection whilst being transported about.

Tough internally fixed hinges.

Highly secure door locking mechanism.

Heavy duty steerable swivel casters. 2, with foot brakes, fitted as standard.

All laptop trolleys have removable shelves for maximum storage versatility.

All models finished in tough industrial powder coat paint, inside and out.

Supply – 230V 50Hz 10A. Power cord is a standard type supply lead rated at 13A, c/w prewired RCD plug and 10A fuse.

The cabinets are air vented throughout.

All notebook carts are fully CE compliant.


Dimensions, weights for all  mobile Laptop charging and storage cabinets.

Dimensions, weights for the  mobile Laptop charging and storage cabinets.
Weight 79KG
Width 71cm
Height 109cm
Depth 55cm
Width 49cm
Height 78cm
Depth 50cm

Below the new wall fixed laptop workstation.


This wall mounted laptop locker not only stores the computer but can be used as a work station as shown below.


 laptop storage locker

Overall external dimensions:

525mm long (side to side), 416mm high (top to bottom) and 60mm deep (front to back). 

The usable dimensions within the drawer are:

477mm long (side to side), 290mm high (top to bottom) and 55mm deep (inside of padding on door to back). 

All units are supplied boxed. Please note that we do supply fixing wall screws and plugs but these will need to be checked for length prior to use as specific alternative types or lengths may be required. Please be aware that these units are only intended for storage of a single laptop or tablet with maximum dimensions of 477mm long x 290mm wide x 45mm thick.

The notebook wall lockers are manufactured from 2.0mm thick mild steel and come painted in a tough dark grey powder coat finish which ensures that they are able to withstand the knocks and bumps associated with the day to day use of any busy environment.


There are also 20mm x 50mm slots either side of the notebook enclosure for VGA, data and cable entry points, so provided there is a power source near by the notebook can be used in situ.

Notebook work stations.


Below, Close up of left hand side cable entry slot. 

notebook storage workstations.

Below, Close up of right hand side cable entry slot.

notebook storage workstations.

Below, all laptop storage lockers come complete with a tie down strap so the notebook computer is held firmly in place when the cabinet is retracted and locked in its stored position.

Wall mounted laptop wall safe.Wall mounted laptop computer security wall safe.

Below, the wall mounted laptop workstation folds up compact and with a flush fitting quarter turn lock, this completes the effect. All units are keyed to differ. 2 keys are supplied per unit. Please note all fixing are supplied.

notebook storage workstations.

Click to download the WMLS2 wall mounted laptop cabinet workstation leaflet.

Product code WMLS2

Price 130.00p + VAT and delivery.

Computers not included.

Buy it.

Please note. We are also able to offer these wall units for custom applications and in other sizes. On large quantities we are able to offer alternative colour options or modifications. Please contact us for further details.

Please see below the sister product to the wall mounted laptop docking station, the under desk laptop security drawer.

notebook security drawers

For more information about this product please click here.
*Laptop charging cabinet optional extras*

A docking station  fixing bracket can be supplied for all sizes of laptop charging cabinet, for extra computer security.

We can add an opening for a wireless access point to enable 802.11G communication to your computers, plus any other slots or apertures for special cable entry points etc.

Wheels are not obligatory, the notebook storage cabinet can be supplied on feet, which can be fixed to the floor.

If your laptop cabinets require other options, please just ask.

(All prices on application).

Docking station for secure notebook cart. Floor bracket and charging cabinet Notebook charging cabinet padlocked to floor bracket.
Fixing ring optional extra. Docking stations for all sizes of notebook cabinets.  


Please note, all deliveries will be offloaded at the kerb side.  Photo's show mobile laptop charging carts being fitted into the wall/floor security docking device.
Notebook trolley HSE safety alert.
For charging trolleys Health and safety information, click here.

The company are always striving to improve the laptop charging trolleys design, therefore components may vary from photo's.

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