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UK ip rated cabinets, ip rated enclosures.
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UK Industrial Enclosures, Industrial Cabinets Manufacturers, IP Rated.

These industrial cabinets and IP rated enclosures can be manufactured in metal and stainless steel materials.

Shown below are examples of industrial and electronic enclosures all manufactured at A & R Engineering Ltd.

Custom built IP rated enclosures, produced in either small quantities or large mass production runs, available in many different types of materials and specifications.

The company manufacturer customized enclosures and enclosure  components etc., and can produce to the British Standard ingress protection rating charts if required. A & R Engineering are also able to offer design and prototyping facilities. Just contact us with your ideas and requirements. Alternatively, you can view the main metal enclosures page by clicking here or the metal cabinets page by clicking here and finally the stainless steel enclosure and cabinet page by clicking here.
Metal industrial enclosures. Open enclosure. Steel enclosure.

Above, a typical industrial enclosure produced at A & R Engineering Ltd.


Below are two different types of industrial stainless steel enclosure designed and manufactured at A & R Engineering Ltd.

The cabinet left and central is manufactured from grade 316 stainless material and this cabinet is used in an outdoor environment within the oil and gas industry while the other industrial storage cabinet is manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel.

Offshore oil and gas industry stainless steel cabinet.     Oil and gas stainless cabinet for offshore use. Floor storage cabinet.

Shown below are two models of laptop cabinets, used in schools and industry. These mobile enclosures have been designed and built at A&R Engineering Ltd and are fitted out with wiring looms which in the case of the grey laptop electronic enclosures are fitted with timers and a soft start facility.

Mobile cabinet.

Above. Shows the view inside the 20 Station laptop storage and charging enclosure.


          Inside cabinets.
View inside the mobile laptop cart, showing 13amp plug sockets and sturdy anti tampering concealed hinges.

Left. A general inside view of the charging enclosure cabinet produced by A & R Engineering Ltd.

laptop cabinets. Rear of notebook cabinets
An open 20 bay laptop storage cabinet, front and back.

The doors on this laptop cabinet are fitted using robust, internally mounted, concealed door hinges. They have a central low profile radial pin tumbler lock. Two keys are provided per lock per cabinet. When the key is turned to the locked position it engages the top & bottom rod mechanism that ensures the doors stay shut and locked. When the lock is in the unlocked position the key is held captive within the lock itself.

Charging area of cabinets.Cabinet control buttons.
Above, Racks and plug banks to house the laptop chargers, 7 day timer & master on/off switch with LED illumination.
Floor mounted heavy duty cabinets. Customised Industrial cabinets.

Left. A heavy duty tool cabinet.

Both industrial cabinets designed and manufactured at
A & R Engineering Ltd.

Right. A floor mounted storage enclosure.
Floor mounted cabinet.
I.P. 55 enclosure Customized enclosures.

One of a range of custom built industrial enclosures.

They had to have the requirement of being able to be split into equal halves to enable round hollow sections to be fitted, yet still to have an IP 55 rating.

Industrial IP rated enclosures.

These electronic lockable enclosures were manufactured for outside use, to take security electronics at Heathrow Terminal 5 car park made at A & R Engineering Ltd.
Control box electrical enclosure. Left and right.

Two views of a mild steel powder coated industrial control cabinet complete with a galvanised internal mounting plate, used to house electronics, manufactured at A & R Engineering Ltd.
  Electrical enclosure.
IP Enclosure. Letter Box Enclosure.

Letter box fully welded and sealed enclosure, shown in the open and closed position.
i.p. enclosure
  Powder coat painted steel enclosure undergoing a violent testing procedure.  
A & R Engineering Ltd., take pride in making sure products are fit for purpose. This extra strong enclosure is designed to be installed in public areas where vandalism is a problem. The video below shows a test with the cabinet under a sustained attack using a variety of workshop tooling. I think the reader will agree, this needle cabinet is seriously heavy duty and will stop a most determined vandal! Click here or on the image below, to see the test being carried out.
Heavy duty cabinet.
IP55 stainless steel cabinets.   Sheet metal enclosure.
Above. A custom made I.P.55 stainless steel, plinth mounted, enclosure.   Above. An I.P. rating document storage enclosure mounted onto a small metal pedestal.
stainless steel enclosure.   Stainless enclosure.

Above. Custom built stainless steel enclosures c/w double hinge doors and mounted on adjustable feet. These cabinets are used by a very large supermarket chain.

More examples of steel enclosures for industry below.

steel cash box enclosure.

Work cabinets.

double door perspex enclosure
Lockable cash box enclosure, c/w fully welded  hinges  and  two  locks  and finished in a hard  wearing industrial textured powder coat paint gives it a safes like appearance. The company manufactures various types of custom made security boxes. An interesting outsourced project this one. This is one of a range of strong metal cabinets used for transporting diamonds around a factory area! The specification called for a mobile cabinet complete with shelves and aluminium pull out trays. Above. Double door enclosure complete with clear Perspex viewing panels and hinges. This particular specification called for the wall enclosure to have an IP 54 rating.
Some examples of document cabinets manufactured at A & R Engineering Ltd.
A document storage cabinet fitted with push button lock.Push button lockable A3 document cabinet. The same A3 document storage cabinet in the open position.A3 document wall cabinets.
Below, shows  photo's depicting wall mounted A3 document enclosures containing a fold away writing shelf.   Below, shows a new product developed by A&R Engineering Ltd, the new wall mounted laptop storage workstation.
A3, A4 document wall cabinets. wall mounted document cabinets.   Wall fixed laptop enclosure. Lockable laptop Enclosure. Laptop Enclosure.
Wall mounted A3 size Document storage enclosure in closed position.   The metal document enclosure in the fully open position, shown with and without documents. The metal document enclosure in the fully open position, shown with and without documents.
  Above, another new product. The wall mounted laptop storage product, for more details, please click here to the taken to this laptop cabinet webpage.
Click here to download the A3 document cabinet pdf leaflet.    
Please note, A4 document enclosures can easily be manufactured if required.    
See this document enclosure product in the A&R online shop. Click for more information See this laptop enclosure in the A&R online shop. Click for more information
Customized industrial cabinets and enclosures, non standard steel boxes etc., are a company specialty in manufacture and design.
The company can also offer, a prototype to production service, if required.
Check out the new online shop where you can purchase a variety of enclosures and other standard products produced by the company. View.

Other metal enclosure products and services manufactured by A & R Engineering Ltd.

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