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UK metal cpu holder, cpu trolley, pc,computer holder. A & R Engineering Ltd. metal cpu holder, pc trolley, cpu rolling stand.

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Laptop storage drawers, PC Trolleys.

UK made, laptop security drawers and metal CPU trolleys available from stock. Dealers also welcome.

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The laptop storage drawer and CPU trolley. Developed for customers who need either to mount their notebooks securely in a drawer, or move their desktop PC around the office, school or home environment.

Laptop security drawers.

Laptop security drawers.

Notebook security drawers.

Laptop Computer under desk drawer.

Product code LD1

For 130.00p, these laptop security drawers have been designed with, surprise surprise, security in mind. That’s why the fixing holes face inwards towards the centre of the unit. Once fixed to a desk, cabinet or wall and the drawer is installed, it is not possible to access the screws and hence you can be sure that the LD1 will remain where you fit it.

These pull out laptop storage drawers are manufactured from 1.2mm thick mild steel and come painted in a tough black powder coat finish. This ensures that they are able to stand up to the knocks and bumps associated with the day to day use of any busy environment.


laptop storage drawers.

Laptop security drawers.

Versatility is a key component to these units. The drawer is fitted using fully extending slides. These are detachable so that the drawer can be flipped to allow for handed mounting. Within the drawer there is also an adjustable length retaining strap that can be used to secure the notebook or tablet in position which can be useful if mounting the LD1 unit vertically.

Lockable laptop security drawers.

The laptop storage drawer.

Each LD1 unit is fitted with a quarter turn radial pin tumbler lock and all units are keyed to differ. 2 keys are supplied per unit.

PC rolling stand, computer trolleys.

Mobile adjustable CPU Trolleys.

Above the PC trolley shown set in the maximum opened position of 23.5cms.

Desktop rolling stand, computer trolleys.

The same CPU trolley, set at the minimum width of 15.5cms.

Computer trolleys.

Product code PCT1

For 34.00p, the adjustable mobile PC trolley cage gives your desktop computer mobility around the home or office. A secondary benefit is that the computer trolleys keeps desktops off the floor and therefore helps protect from carpet dust ingress.

The mobile adjustable CPU trolley can also be extended from, 15.5cms, out to 23.5cms to take many different sizes of desktop computer.

This  mobile computer stand or PC trolley is fully adjustable.

PC trolley

Adjustable under desk computer stand.

The CPU holder with wheels is manufactured from 1.5mm thick mild steel and is supplied complete with four castors, two of which are braked to keep the PCT1 unit stationary once positioned.


CPU trolley

CPU Desktop tower with casters, movable stand.

The construction of the CPU holder with casters means that they are width adjustable to comfortably accept the majority of desktop computers available today. The units have been painted in tough black powder coat to ensure that they are able to stand upto the knocks and bumps associated with the day to day use in any busy environment.

Details of the LD1

Overall external dimensions:

370mm long (front to back), 500mm wide (side to side) and 90mm high. 

The usable dimensions within the drawer are:

320mm long (front to back), 430mm wide (side to side) and 50mm high. 

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130.00p each* + VAT and delivery.


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Pull out laptop drawer.

Details of the PCT1


25cms high x 50cms long with an adjustable width range of 15.5cms up to a maximum of 23.5cms.

Each unit is fitted with 4 casters. 2 of which, are braked.


Click to download the CPU trolleys PDF file.


34.00p each*+ VAT and delivery.


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Computer trolleys.

To purchase an extra CPU locking bar for the UDH4, either contact us as shown below, or buy direct from the online shop.

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The wall mounted laptop work station cabinet.

Wall mounted laptop work station cabinet.

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Please note, all deliveries will be offloaded at the kerb side.

A & R Engineering Ltd., are the manufacturers of these products, so alternative designs can be considered. Please just ask.

The company is always striving to improve the product range and therefore, components may vary from the photo's.

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